viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Audiencia en el Parlamento Europeo sobre el Sistema Interamericano

El pasado miércoles 25 de enero de 2012, la Subcomisión de Derechos Humanos del Parlamento Europeo llevó a cabo una audiencia sobre el Sistema Interamericano de Derechos Humanos. A continuación transcribo la descripción oficial del evento y las ponencias que se presentaron:

“The Inter-American human rights mechanism is a well established regional system of human rights protection that coexists with the UN-level universal mechanisms. However, it does face real challenges in terms of resources and sometimes also with regard to real political backing from its Member States. The concerns of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights have increased in recent years due to the increase in the number of cases that the Inter-American Commission has been able to submit to the Tribunal. Consequently, there has been a marked increase in the number of cases on stage of monitoring compliance with the Court's judgements – thus requiring appropriate follow-up. The European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights has from time to time raised cases that have been adjudicated by the Inter-American System. Most recently this was the case in the joint hearing with FEMM Committee on feminicide. With a view to the proposed new EIDHR regulation due to be presented in this same meeting 25/1, the question of further EU support to and cooperation with the Inter-American Court and the Commission is also very timely to consider.

1.     Introductory remarks by Ms Barbara Lochbihler, Chair

2.     Mr Santiago Canton, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  on current challenges of the Inter-American Commission Human Rights

3.     Mr Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga, Former Senior Staff Attorney of the of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, currently Ghent University,
on current challenges of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and in particular the challenges of the implementation of sentences.

4.     Ms Marta Ibero Dolla, Iniciativa de Copenhague para Centroamerica y México (CIFCA), and Ms Jimena Reyes, Fédération Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l'Homme (FIDH),
on human rights NGO perspectives to the Inter-American Human Rights Mechanism, with specific focus on Mexico and Central America

5.     Mr Enrique Sanchez Falcon, Lawyer to Mr Leopoldo López, whose case was judged by the Court in September 2011,
on the case of López Mendoza v. Venezuela

6.     Mr Charles-Michel Geurts, Deputy Head of Unit, European External Action Service, Human Rights Policy Instruments

7.     Discussion

8.     Concluding remarks by Ms Barbara Lochbihler, Chair

El video del evento puede encontrarse aquí.

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