domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Rejecting the Inter-American Court

En el libro “Cultures of Legality: Judicialization and Political Activism in Contemporary Latin America”, editado por Alexandra Huneeus, Javier Couso and Rachel Sieder, se encuentra un capítulo dedicado a la Corte IDH: ‘Rejecting the Inter-American Court: Judicialization, National Courts, and Regional Human Rights’, escrito por Alexandra Huneeus.  Este es el abstract:

“This book chapter generates theories about when high courts comply with Inter-American Court rulings. In over one-half of the rulings it has issued since it began its work in 1979, the IACtHR issues orders that require action by national courts. Further, it has increasingly taken on a role of reviewing whether national practices of judicial independence and due process comply with the American Convention on Human Rights. The chapter seeks to discern the factors that influence how national high courts respond to this incursion into their turf, and whether they act as a partner in regional legal integration by complying with the IACtHR's decisions. It examines recent instances in which the high courts of Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela reject a ruling of the Inter-American Court.”

Una versión gratuita de este capítulo puede encontrarse en el portal SSRN (ver aquí).

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