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Call for Papers, Fifty Years of International Law Scholarship, The Texas International Law Journal

Este reporte fue elaborado por Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga.

La revista Texas International Law Journal (“TILJ”) de la Universidad de Texas está por celebrar sus 50 años. Como parte de la celebración, ha decidido emitir un volumen especial de la revista. Los interesados pueden someter sus artículos académicos hasta el 1 de enero de 2015. La publicación está prevista para el otoño de 2015. Este es el call for papers:

The Texas International Law Journal will be celebrating its 50th year in 2015. As a part of this celebration, the Journal will be publishing a special 50th Anniversary Issue as part of Volume 50. This special issue will bridge the Journal’s storied history with its bright future. In addition to republishing a few seminal articles from its past, the Journal is seeking authors who are leaders in their respective fields of international law to comment on the most significant developments in international law over the past fifty years while also offering their perspective about the most significant developments or issues arising in the near future. Papers may address any topic in international or comparative law, but ideally we would receive a submission in each of the following areas to provide the broadest perspective: .Treaty Law .International Commercial Law .International Human Rights Law .International Criminal Law .Private International Law, Jurisdiction .Law of the Sea .International Legal Theory .Law of Armed Conflict

Special topics to consider:
Decolonization Fifty Years Later—The effects of colonization and its unwinding still reverberate around the world today, radically shaping legal institutions and defining nations’ and states’ views of the law in an international context. This topic would incorporate recent world events in the discussion.

International Justice and National Sovereignty—The international legal system imposes more regulations and guidelines than ever before. This topic examines the challenges confronted by constitutional governments, democracies, et al. with the increasing obligations imposed by international legal structures (e.g., the International Criminal Court, WTO, independent commercial arbitration agreements or treaties, etc.). If there is an article (8,000--20,000 words), or even a brief comment (4.000--7.000 words), that you would like to publish in our special 50thAnniversary issue, we invite you to send it to for consideration. It will be an honor to publish one of your articles in our upcoming volume. All submissions must be original, unpublished works. TILJ accepts submissions electronically via ExpressO and by e-mail at For more information on TILJ submission and editorial policies please see
Founded in 1965, the Texas International Law Journal is a student edited and managed legal journal comprised of students of the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. The Journal seeks to advance the study, practice, and awareness of international and comparative law. TILJ (ISSN: 0163-7479) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that publishes three issues of high quality secondary source material annually and hosts scholarly symposia as well as activities and online engagement committed to promoting international legal understanding and debate.

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