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Libro “Law and Policy in Latin America. Transforming Courts, Institutions, and Rights”

Reporte elaborado por Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga.  

La editorial Pelgrave publicó el libro “Law and Policy in Latin America. Transforming Courts, Institutions, and Rights”, editado por P. Rubim Borges Fortes, L. Verri Boratti, A. Palacios Lleras y T.G. Daly (2017). Esta es la presentación del libro y su índice:   

“This book offers a comprehensive introduction to law and policy responses to contemporary problems in Latin America, such as human rights violations, regulatory dilemmas, economic inequality, and access to knowledge and medicine. It includes 19 chapters written by sociologists, lawyers, and political scientists on the transformations of courts, institutions and rights protection in Latin America, all of which stem from presentations at conferences in Oxford and UCL organised by the editors. The contributors present original analyses based on rigorous research, innovative case-studies, and interdisciplinary perspectives, all written in an accessible style. Topics include the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, institutional design, financial regulation, competition, discrimination, gender quotas, police violence, orphan works, healthcare, and environmental protection, among others. The book will be of interest to students and scholars interested in policymaking, public law, and development.”  


Brazilian ‘Supremocracy’ and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Unpicking an Unclear Relationship  
Daly, Tom Gerald  

Transnational Legal Process and Fundamental Rights in Latin America: How Does the Inter-American Human Rights System Reshape Domestic Constitutional Rights? 
Torelly, Marcelo 

Complying (Partially) with the Compulsory Judgments of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
González-Salzberg, Damián 

Media Representations of the Inter-American System of Human Rights
Gil, Diego (et al.) 

The Evolving Relationship Between Law and Development: Proposing New Tools
Alviar, Helena

Transnational Legal Indicators: The Missing Link in a New Era of Law and Development
Amariles, David Restrepo

Institutional Bypasses in Brazil: Overcoming Ex-Ante Resistance to Institutional Reforms 
Prado, Mariana Mota 

Convergence, Coordination and Collusion in Securities Regulation: The Latin American Integrated Market
Mendoza, Jose Miguel

Using Judicial Actions to Address Corporate Human Rights Abuses: Colombia, 2000–2014
Bernal-Bermudez, Laura

Multiple Strategies of Financial Regulation Adopted in the Colombian Securities Market: The Case of Over-the-Counter Derivatives
Barrera, Ligia 

A Counterhistory of Anti-Trust in Latin America
Lleras, Andrés Palacios

Latin American Constitutionalism, 1810–2010: The Problem of the ‘Engine Room’ of the Constitution
Gargarella, Roberto

Addressing Poverty through a Transformative Approach to Anti-Discrimination Law in Latin America 
McManus, Alberto Coddou 

Gender Quotas, Legislative Resistance and Non-Legislative Reform
Gatto, Malu A. C. 

Human Rights and Remains: A Policy Proposal to Prevent Human Rights Violations in Brazil
Fortes, Pedro  

Digital Culture, Copyright and the Orphan Works Issue: A View from Brazil 
Westenberger, Paula 

The Incorporation of a Right to Health Perspective into Brazil’s Patent Law Reform Process 
Oke, Emmanuel Kolawole

Constitutional Environmental Protection in Brazil: A Rights-Based Approach 
Mattei, Julia (et al.)

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